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Chief and Sagamore

2016 Tribal Chief/Sagamore Selection Procedure 2016 Tree Camp

Special Note:

A 4-H Camper does not need to be currently enrolled in a 4-H Club to apply for tribal leadership, however, not being enrolled in a 4-H club may exclude you from certain camp scholarships!

The Brooke County Camp Planning Committee has established a Tribal Chief/Sagamore selection procedure that is available to all eligible members and campers that attend the Brooke County 4-H Camp.


Being a tribal chief/sagamore should be a challenging role and a rewarding experience. The selection of the tribal chief/sagamore for Brooke County 4-H Camp should support 4-H goals. The 4-H youth program in Brooke County promotes meaningful experiences and helps develop life skills as a result of the camper’s active participation and involvement in 4-H program events, volunteer community service, and leadership experiences.

Other factors to be considered for selection are age, years in 4-H, number of camps attended, leadership abilities, and growth potential. It is not just the awards of things they have done, but their active involvement and personal growth from these experiences.

Applications for tribal leadership are required yearly, no matter the position held at camp in the previous year. It is expected that selected tribal chiefs/sagamores will be full-time campers with no more than one excused absence from camp with approval prior to camp.


To be considered for a tribal leadership the camper must be age 14 and up (within the current 4-H year – Oct. 1, 2015 – Sept.30, 2016) and need to complete an application form.
This will create an applicant pool which is initiated by the 4-H Camper and reviewed by a selection committee. This application form is available at the Extension Office and here online. The 4-H Camper needs to complete this application form and return it to the Extension Office by June 13th.

Tribal Leadership Application