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Insect Identification


Crushed/damaged specimens are not suitable for identification. Use pill bottles or crush proof containers to prevent damage when shipping. Soft bodied insects such as caterpillars must be preserved in leak proof glass or plastic vials containing 70% ethanol or household rubbing alcohol Insects such as butterflies, moths, beetles, etc. may be packaged in layers of tissue paper. Do not put specimens on tape. When possible, collect more than one insect for examination. Bring your specimen into the Extension Office as soon as possible, or refrigerate any specimens that cannot be brought in immediately.

For questions regarding birds or reptiles, please contact the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources. We cannot send birds or reptiles through the mail.

Pest Management

pest control

WVU Extension Service plant and pest management experts have combined resources to create an illustrated chart to help you combat pest problems at home. Once you receive the insect results, the chart can help you protect your plants, fruits, or vegetables. The chart is available below.

Pest Management Chart